Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lacking in blog

I know that I have been slacking off on the blog, but my new job has opened its doors and we have been extremely busy for the past few weeks. I am excited to have an opportunity to start pursuing my own side projects now that my nights are free.

Below is a sample piece that I started last night using gesso and a matte print of a distorted image that I had found in my digital photography library (when I have the piece finished, I will upload it on the blog and request your critiques):


Today I spent several hours in a few local "antique" shops scouring over old books, photographs, and suitcases (I love old suitcases) searching for that one item which would jump out at me and scream "take me home"!

I did come across an old game called "Perquackey" that I purchased for $3.00. When I got it home and had a chance to sit down and open the box, I discovered that the sand timer was missing as well as the original can to hold the word dice. The can that was in the box was from a "Yahtzee" game. I was a bit disappointed that pieces were missing from the game, but I think I can find a new sand timer to use and the instructions are printed inside the lid of the game.

To end this evening, here is a another project that I have started and will have to perfect with time and practice---Light Painting Photography!

Have a great evening!

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