Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring is here!

Time has flown by since I have last posted!

I have many images to sort through and start posting about again, but in the mean time here are some iPhone Photos that I have done lately!

I have a wedding in April that I am getting excited about since I will be working with a former co-worker (check out my new link of Kyle Jeffery Studios under the link tab) who is an amazing videographer, music and all around awesome person!

                                               My first 5k with my little one this past fall...
                                       I will be running another 5k with her this upcoming May 2012!
                                         Great organization that she belongs too...Girls on the Run!

                                           Storm was approaching and the clouds were amazing....
                                                  I never can get enough of cloud images!
                                        My youngest found this drawing she had done and it is
                                                hanging in our hallway between our rooms!

Hope this latest posting finds everyone well and happy this beautiful, hot, Spring!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I have neglected my blog! I have not had a posting since April! Not a good thing, but I have been busy with building up my photography and we had an excellent art show at work in May!

I revamped my pages as well, removed a few tabs in addition to adding new photographs to my photography tab! Check out some of my new work!

I will be photographing a wedding on June 25th and will be busy shortly thereafter working on those images!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful start to the summer season and is out enjoying the beautiful blue skies and lovely clouds that I have been seeing out lately!

If you are interested as well, I have added a page to Facebook ( Check it out when you have a moment, click like and pass the word on!

Have a wonderful evening!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

A day around my hometown

Just a few random images I took yesterday while wandering around my hometown!

The milkman finally arrived©2011

Battle on the Homefront ©2011


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Little Girl Softball T-Shirt Logo

Just a little side project that I did this week! The sketch is something that I drew up last night for a little girls softball league. With the help from my good friend with his illustrator program, my sketch became a true illustrated outline to screen print onto a softball jersey!

I love designing! Have a wonderful rest of the week!


Friday, April 1, 2011

Open Window

The cool spring breeze through the open window
is like a long forgotten soft caress across my left cheek.

I lay my head upon my hands and watch my daughter ride
her bike back and forth in the street below.

The soft wind carries her beyond her small world below the open
window as she stands up on her bike and pushes her pedals as fast as she can go.

I see the clouds billowing out, beckoning my dreams to climb upon them and rest.

The curiosity of our four legged companion reminds me that miracles come in small doses
as I unhook her from her leash to explore the world below that open window.

A smile slowly spreads across my face as I watch my world blooming below the open window.

I am reminded of how much I am blessed of the small stuff that makes the world below
my open window feel so sweet as a soft caress.


Friday, February 25, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My day job

I love that I get the opportunity to work with such beautiful individuals!

Did you see me in the video? Apparently I made the star attraction!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Winter of Blue

Winter uses all the blues there are.
One shade of blue for water, one for ice,
Another blue for shadows over snow.
The clear or cloudy sky uses blue twice-
Both different blues. And hills row after row
Are colored blue according to how for.
You know the bluejay's double-blur device
Shows best when there are no green leaves to show.
And Sirius is a winterbluegreen star.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

AIRPLANES and Russell Simmons Hip/Pop Challenge

Last Friday night along with a few members of AIRPLANE, I found out that they were chosen for this challenge on MySpace by Russell Simmons himself.

The group has made it to Number FOUR so far after efforts by the entire group asking for Votes from everyone they know on their facebook and myspace pages!

If you have a moment, please visit the link by clicking on the image above and VOTE as many times as you can!

The curlyheaded, blonde young man is my oldest and I am quite proud of him and all the members of this group of fine, young musicians! I hope that they finally get the footing they deserve and see their dreams become reality!