Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring is here!

Time has flown by since I have last posted!

I have many images to sort through and start posting about again, but in the mean time here are some iPhone Photos that I have done lately!

I have a wedding in April that I am getting excited about since I will be working with a former co-worker (check out my new link of Kyle Jeffery Studios under the link tab) who is an amazing videographer, music and all around awesome person!

                                               My first 5k with my little one this past fall...
                                       I will be running another 5k with her this upcoming May 2012!
                                         Great organization that she belongs too...Girls on the Run!

                                           Storm was approaching and the clouds were amazing....
                                                  I never can get enough of cloud images!
                                        My youngest found this drawing she had done and it is
                                                hanging in our hallway between our rooms!

Hope this latest posting finds everyone well and happy this beautiful, hot, Spring!


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