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Welcome to my blog about photography, creativity and life!

Me as a Cartoon as Drawn by a Co-Worker

What could I tell you about myself? Well, let's see.......
~I am 43
~I have moved 11 times since the age of 21
~I have been to college twice! (84 credits-21 credits dedicated to Photography)
~I have had two licenses to my name other than a drivers license
~I work currently in the field of direct support staff
~I have a beautiful Whippet/Greyhound
~I have a thing for aprons from the past-I love to collect them
~I am a Single Mom of a two beautiful children (one whom is grown and lives on his own)
~At several intervals of my life, I have held down two full time jobs just to pay the bills
~I was married once upon a time
~I love to learn new things daily
~I once held a orange belt in Kenpo and won a 3rd place Trophy in kickboxing
~I love typewriters
~I collect old cameras that work
~Lucille Ball is my idol
~I adore old black and white movies

~I lost a brother over 20 years ago
~I became the middle child out of four children and apparently suffer from middle child syndrome

~I won two awards for my art in college (photography and printmaking)
~I was hit by a car when I was three, and had 10 stitches in my head when I was 9
~I make friends quite easily and can talk to anyone wherever I go
~I love my life!

My favorite things to do are:
~Photography (film and digital)
~Learning that I can draw if I can take my time
~Create new ideas
~Love my children

Anything else that you would like to know about me, feel free to drop me a email at closeupbykym@yahoo.com


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