Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Television Photography

As I was looking through some of the TTV photography that I had done in the past month, I was intrigued by one photo of my four-legged furry child. I cropped it down to make the black part of the camera to look like an old fashioned television set...does anyone remember the brand "Zenith"?

I love TTV photography and looking forward to producing more of this type of images when it gets warmer and my new job settles down a bit. Oh, did I mention that the studio in which I work was visited by the local newspaper, it seems that the editor came across our video on youtube.com and called up the journal in our county and asked them to check us out. From my understanding, the paper was impressed by our work that they took photographs, videos and will be publishing a story about us in the local paper this week as well as posting a video in their online paper.

Stayed tuned for links and have a wonderful evening.


Jo said...

I love your photographs. I remember the photo of the birdhouses, with the bright red birdhouse. It was wonderful...!

Enjoy your new job. It sounds great. :-)

Kym said...

Thank you Jo for your wonderful comments....