Sunday, March 29, 2009

Finally I got some sun for Shadow Shot Sunday #2

I was disappointed this morning when I got up and found snow on the ground (wet, mushy stuff) along with a gloomy day staring back at me. I was hoping to get some shots in today, since the forecasters kept saying that we would have a sunny day ahead to melt the snow!

While cleaning the house, I happened to look out the front window and saw some shadows! So, I ran outside and found Mr. Sunshine boldly smiling through the baby blue sky, and fluffy white clouds with such joy, that he gave me several shadows to shoot just for this posting.

I call this one "Will the postman ever ring?"

It was such a beautiful shadow that I snapped the image in monochrome as well, so let me know which one you like:

Here is one more shot that caught my eye, some leaves floating in a pool of water in my front yard:

Have a great rest of the Sunday, I am going to enjoy the sunshine and spend time with my little one!


Pat O'Driscoll said...

I think the color version has more punch. I like the leaves floating in space. Enjoy your day.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

They're all lovely; I think I like the monochrome best. I hope your day remains sunshine-filled, enjoy your wee one.

Hey Harriet said...

Yay! I'm so glad that the sun came out! I really like your shots. I'm leaning more toward the monochrome one as being my fave.

Oh and thanks heaps for the 'Copier Art' info. I just arrived to work now and the copier is calling out my name! Woohoo! :D

Wildeve said...

I like the one with a little color in it. And the floating leaves are magical.

Frances said...

I'm leaning towards the monochrome. The leaves are lovely! It's really interesting with Spring's vibrant green grass and the rich fall/winter colors of the leaves. Really neat! I'm hoping we get some rain this week -- send rain thoughts our way!

Kym said...

Pat--I am leaning towards both---still, but thanks for the vote and yes..the leaves do look like they are floating in space...I am ever appreciative when other artists comment on my work, thanks for looking!

T.---Thank you for your lovely comments, I did enjoy the rest of the day with my wee one...we shot some more images, talked, laughed and at the end of the some more of the Wizard of Oz book (we are in the area of them talking to the wizard himself)!

Tracey-Thank you ever so much for your comments and cheering me on with your idea of Shadow Shot Sunday...I love it when I find other artists that share my interest---Please do let me know how your copier art turned out at work!

Wildeve---That is now three votes for color (I am still undecided) and the more I look at the simple shot I came across on my front lawn, the more I am going to turn that into a large scale print! Thanks for looking and for your lovely comments! :)

Frances----Thanks for reading my blog....After I really got to look at that image, I was amazed that the old and new were mixed in together with spring rain and melted wonderous mother nature is....You can have the rain, we have had enough around here for awhile now! I will send the winds with it as well!

Thanks to all for your comments and votes!


Have a great day!