Saturday, March 7, 2009

Trip to Rhode Island

About a week or so ago, I flew to Rhode Island for work. I had not been on a plane since a week before September 11, 2001. I had a fear of flying before that tragic day, and I did not know if I would ever be able to get on a plane again. Fast forward to my new job 8 years later, and here I am boarding a plane with quiet apprehension.

I took my camera with me, but only snapped a few photographs. I really did not have much time to take pictures, but what I did get I was impressed with. I snapped an image as we were preparing for descent into Ohio on the first leg of our trip. I call this image "Overcome the Fear".

I do have to admit that when we first boarded the plane, I did have a small panic attack, and had to talk myself out of the urge to jump out of my seat, and run off the plane. I could not believe how small the plane was (a jet) and it felt like the thing was closing in on me as I sat there waiting for the steward to close the door. I did make it through both plane rides, (there and back) but it was harrowing at some points. I think that my fear is not as big as it used to be, and I could get on another plane at some point in time to visit other cities in the future.

Rhode Island is quite a place to visit, you have to learn to become a aggressive driver for one thing, and that you should be moving before the light turns green or the oncoming traffic will turn in front of you before you can get through the intersection. We were not there long enough to do much sight-seeing, but as we drove around trying to find our location, we came across at least 12 Dunkin Donuts and several Honey-Do Donut shops. The people are friendly and we found this little corner eatery, Exchange Street Cafe, that had awesome food. It was little cost for a lot of food. I talked to the cashier and she told me that the owner was from Poland and that she was from RI. As we left, I took a picture of the sign and loved that I had caught this awesome sunspot bouncing off the sign.

There was another restaurant that we saw and I had to stop and take the picture of the sign due to the nature of the words used to sell their specialties (though we never ate there, we were told that it was the best in the world):

I cropped the red sign out to show you what I thought was so funny (I love how we use many different words to describe various foods throughout this country.):

I had a great trip, and did have several days of jet lag to deal with after I got back home, but then who would after spending at least 10-12 hours of flying and layovers in two days? I will definitely go back to Rhode Island for vacation just to explore more of the area and to see more of the local art scene.

Have a great evening!

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