Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Photobooth.....and a picture of my life

I now have a favorite toy, Photobooth on the iMac. I finished another "self-portrait" of me as a fish! It reminds of the movie "Big Fish"....the magical quality behind the lines tells such a story....tell me what you think:

(click on image to see larger)

Last week the little one's daisy scout troop had fun visiting the local firehouse. I was nominated by my own mini-me to don the fire suit and pretend to be a fireman! The camera was turned on me as I got to put on the extra layers of materials and the 40-lb oxygen tanks:

(Click on image to see larger)

Have a great evening!

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Frances said...

Wow, how did it feel to have all that equipment on? Did you get to ride in the firetruck and turn on the lights and sirens?????

Hey the photobooth app looks like a lot of fun. Your fish picture reminded me of the Don Knott's film the Incredible Mr. Limpet. If you've never seen it -- rent it sometime. It's a cute movie.

Have a great weekend!