Saturday, May 16, 2009

Self Portrait

Here is another piece of a self-portrait series that I recently started working on:

(Click on image for larger view

"The Masked Crusader"

A few semesters ago, I did a series of self-portraits that I ended up putting into an art show. I felt lost for awhile during my twenties and thirties due to unforeseen tragedies that tore my world upside down and the self-portrait series that I had done helped me understand a few things about who I was in this world. I decided to work on this series again, except I wanted to try and take a look at how I view myself from the inside.....that place of which no one really knows what I think about myself on a daily basis. I wanted to have a little twist on it and show that I can make fun of myself at the same time confronting the issues that most people deal with, battling your inner critic. Comments and critiques are very much welcome! Have a great evening!


Stephen Baird said...

this is very cool. very artistic. is it a manipulated photograph or is it another art form (painting) photographed as it appears. i hope it is a photograph original and manipulated ... it would be cool to try something like this. i am pretty good at making fun of myself.
either way it is really interesting.

Kym said...

Thanks Stephen for the comments...yes, it is a photograph that is manipulated, something of which I love to do to photography. Man-Ray is one of my favorite photographers.