Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Family Time

When Mike was moved out of ICU and into a room to recover...we spent the next few days talking with him, watching all his friends and GIRLS trickle in and out of the rooms. Between working, preparing for a trip for work, taking care of my son and going to the hospital.....little did I know that my world was about to change quite drastically. I was about to unwillingly join this club called bereaved sibling.

I remember that the family was there to visit with Mike. My parents, our older brother and our little sister. Just the six of us together....we walked out into the corridor with Mike and sat out in the lobby, Mike pushing his IV pole with him. Our little sister had purchased some band-aid bubble gum that came in the metal tin (like the old band-aids used to come in...) and Mike had asked her what in the world did she have....when she explained it to him, in his own warped sense of humor (the whole family has the same sense of humor), he pulled off one of his bandages and handed it to her and said something like "Chew on this...." I think that was the last good conversation and hearty laugh that the family had together before a crack in the foundation set us spinning in splintered directions of too many misplaced years of grief....

I miss you more than ever, especially now that my son has grown as has surpassed the age that you were when you moved on....he is like you in so many ways....his sense of humor, he reminds me so much of you....very charismatic....he loved you as well....I remember that he would scream and dance when you came over to see us....Uncle Mike! We miss you and love you.....thanks for always having my back brother! One day.....one fine day, many, many years from now...I will see your bright, smiling face!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, i'm so sorry for your loss. But what beautiful memories you have of a wonderful brother. Blessings to you and your family