Sunday, June 28, 2009


I am sorry for the delay in posting recently. I have been quite busy with training at work, preparing my daughter for her dance recital and changing my photography habits. I love my digital camera, but I have switched back to film and looking forward to having the film developed and seeing what magical wonders color film has in store for me.

I have also become hooked onto photoshop CS4 at work and feeling like the photoshop elements on my computer at home sucks! I can do so much more with CS4 and thinking that maybe I need to have a bakesale, fundraiser, carwash, garage sale, or something to come up with the extra funds to buy a new iMac with my favorite software such as CS4 that includes all the lovely software such as photoshop, illustrator, premiere, etc. Until I hit the lotto or my savings account finally starts accumulating some extra funds, I guess I will have to keep dreaming of the day that I can call an iMac all my own....sigh!

I want to thank of you who have recently read my blog about my brother and the emotions that I experienced with his passing so many years ago. I wanted to add more about those days, but had to stop for the time, I will go back and finish soon. Just hugs and appreciation to all of those who read, stopped by and even commented or emailed me. It really helps to know that I have new friends out there supporting me. I would like to turn my experience into a book that will help others that have lost a sibling.

Have a great weekend, today we FINALLY got a break in the heat wave that hit our area and the sweet cool breezes are back for June!

Above is a flower image that I shot a few months ago on a dreary cloudy day with the tungsten white balance. Hope you enjoy!


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Frances said...

Beautiful! I love how the tungsten white balance wrapped soft blue around the flower. Absolutely beautiful!