Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On sick leave!

(Courtesy of CDC at http://www.cdc.gov/h1n1flu/images.html)

The above image is what I have! This past weekend, I developed severe symptoms that left me spending most of my time in the area of the house that I only like to use when necessary or to get ready to go somewhere!

I went to the doctor on Monday and found out that I, along with millions of others, have the dreaded H1N1 Flu or formerly known as the Swine Flu!

I am feeling better now that I have been able to keep food down for the last two days, but I have no energy and feel SO wore out. The doctor banned me from returning to work for 5 days and this is tacked on to the vacation that I recently took over the holiday break. So, I have been off of work since December 23rd and I cannot wait to return. Enough about that mess!

Last night I watched the special on the local PBS station called "This Emotional Life". I was engaged the whole two hours and really learned some things about the relationships that I have in my life. Please check out the first episode on PBS online and if you can watch the second part tonight.

One of the quotes at the end of the segment was this:

"Whether we like it or not our happiness is in each others hands!"

I always thought that I was the one responsible for my own happiness, that it was the choices that I made or make that give me the pain or pleasure in my life. This is an area that I want to explore further, because from the quote, I gather that others in my life are as responsible for my happiness as well as me.

What do you think about the quote?


Frances said...

I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better. The flu just sucks. Take it easy.

I think the quote is about 50% correct. I believe that happiness starts from within. Course -- I haven't seen the PBS special -- so my opinion could change.

Take care and get better soon!!!!!!

Rita said...

Oh Kym, you have me both happy and sad all at the same time. So happy to have your visit to my site and wonderful comment, but, so sad to learn that you have been so ill. I pray for your speedy recovery.

To answer your question--- We had about four inches of snow last night. Living in a town that is mostly hilly causes for lots of wind and clouds of the white stuff flying around everywhere. But, it was exciting to see the school children having so much fun with their sleds on the hill behind our house. I wish I would have taken my camera out for some of the shots. Perhaps tomorrow, I hear it will be another snow day due to the cold wind.

I do so love the photos of the light show. Great shots. My grandson would love having those to play with. Please tell us more about them. What are they? And where can I get some of them?