Friday, December 5, 2008

Lights in the City

This past April, I had to work downtown at a hotel
located next door to our major baseball stadium.
It did rain hard that night for awhile and during
a break I went into one of the new conference rooms
at the hotel to enjoy the view from the window. What
I saw was impressive, so I got my new toy out
and shot this image below:

A week or so later, I finally downloaded the images
that I had taken through the window and was quite
impressed with what I had done.

I love the scene, it is a little chaotic, quiet and
peaceful. I love the effect of the chandeliers, they
seem to fit perfectly into the scene outside of the windows.

I love to shoot images at night and miss doing so, but is
hard to go out at night by yourself, especially in the
city, so I usually just stick close to the area that I
live in. When I have access to a scanner, I will upload
some nights shots that I had done at school in B & W film
and processed on fiber paper.

Hope you enjoy the scene, Have a great evening!

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La Donna Welter said...

Thank you for the follow! : )
I am loving your work! Beautiful!
La Donna