Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I was doing some online research today and came across a picture that reminded of a project that one of my photography classes had done. We were asked to experiment with "different" filters on our cameras or in the darkroom and put a creative edge to our photographs.

This gave me an idea to push the edge a little with my digital SLR toy and I found the materials I needed and covered the lens. It took a little bit of coaxing the automatic focus to let the camera snap the shot of items around the house, the dog and finally I talked my muse into letting me take her away from her own creativity in order to take some shots of her.

I loved what I saw and then with a little more experimenting with filters and layers in photoshop, I produced this soft-quiet portrait of my daughter. I think I have another project to work on along with my TTV project. Thank goodness that the college semester is over and I can get some projects moving forward

On another note, I answered an ad to photograph an event in January for a new client. I just received an email stating that I was hired to produce some candid and formal group shots for this upcoming event. I am really excited at the prospect and grateful to have some work, especially during these hard, economic times that everyone is experiencing.
Have a great afternoon!

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