Saturday, January 3, 2009

Night Photography

Last night I went out for a few hours to shoot some night scenes with my TTV camera, but ended up just using my digital to capture some of the scenes laid out before my eyes as I strolled along the dark stretch of main street.
I noticed inside a bar that there were only a few patrons inside and I loved the scene through the heavy dark wood and glass doors! I took a few shots using the glass and wood as frames of the scene inside. I felt as if I was tuning into a silent scene that only I was allowed to view.
I was interrupted by some other patrons entering the bar right after I captured a few shots, so I had to move on, especially since they noticed me across the street and starting pointing at me and telling everyone inside that I was taking pictures! I try to blend into my surroundings when I am out photographing, but of course I usually end up being noticed by someone who thinks that I am out to only shoot their image!

I decided to leave the area and started driving away from the Main Street area and as I was passing one of the Catholic churches in the area, I noticed that the moon was particulary pleasing between the buildings, so I pulled into the parking lot and tried to capture some more TTV. Once again I was interrupted by a gang of four curious people, so I grabbed my equipment and left the area. I will be attempting the night shoots again tomorrow with a friend for company, and I am hoping that it will fogging like it is tonight!

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