Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New job and thoughts on TTV

I just found out today that I am no longer jobless!

I will be working as an Art Studio Program Staff member!

I am very excited to be a part of this new job and here are some links to the programs efforts in another state:



I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed time with family and friends!

I certainly had a great time and my family helped me celebrate my 40th Birthday this past weekend! Wow, how times flies! I am looking forward to the next 4o more years and what is in store for me!

I did do some work a few weeks ago on TTV again and here is an image that I shot of a wheelbarrow sitting outside the house in the backyard:

I still am having problems with a little bit of light allowing the image of me taking the picture showing up in the middle of the photograph. I need to adjust the black box around the viewfinder so that it does not allow a bit of "double exposure" in what I am shooting.

If the sun stays out for the next few days, and the weather stays nice, I will be venturing outside to take more shots through the viewfinder, so for now have a wonderful day and Happy New Year!

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