Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter Blahs!

The weather in my hometown has been quite interesting, we received a few inches of snow the other day and it arrived at least a day earlier than what the weather guru's had reported on the evening news! It is now going on the second day that my child's school has been called off, so we now can expect to finish out the school year going into June. With the lovely weather and my new job, photography has taken a back seat. I would love to photograph the outdoors with this wintery mix, but I really do not care to be outside for very long. I decided to go back through some photographs that I had captured this past fall of the Bicycle Tour that came through my backyard (literally...the upgraded road butts up to my backyard, and there was a sidewalk added as well. I now can stand safely near the main road and capture some of the major attractions right outside my backyard). I did a little tweaking to this picture (cropped out the negative space and tweaked the colors to pop out a little more), and I was quite pleased with how this image turned out.

The story behind this image is that I happened to work that day at the photography studio with my last employer shooting senior portraits, it was a bit hot and I had been outdoors for most of the day, so I was quite drained from work. As I pulled onto my street, I had remember seeing small signs stuck in the ground around the neighborhood advertising that the Cycle Tour was going to come through the area. I happened to arrive home about 10 minutes before the cyclists were scheduled to ride through, so I grabbed my equipment, went out back and joined the few spectators that were awaiting their arrival. The local police department blocked off the area streets and that gave me and a few others the freedom to stand as close as we could to the cyclists path. I love being able to have the freedom to capture things such as this image, especially right outside my own backyard!

Have a great evening....I will just be watching the snow fall...dreaming of a warm summer day!

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