Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Photograph everything and then sort it out Later!

My new philosophy is to photograph everything that makes you move and then sort it out later!

Here are some more shots of various scenes that I have come upon in my travels around town, my favorite is the distorted view of the full moon that my daughter and I chased the other night shortly after it had started to rise in the northeast corner of our world!

The other images were just random shots that caught my eye, please feel free to comment, and and critique away. I always welcome feedback, that is what makes us drive ourselves forward to become better at what we love!

I would love to shoot film again, but I want to wait until I have that darkroom built in my own place, I would not want to waste film!

Have a great evening!


Jo said...

You know what? These are wonderful. There are so many photography blogs out there in the "blogosphere" that are just --- blah. Your photographs have energy. The photo of the bird houses really caught my eye -- the splash of red.

You have talent. I get the feeling, as well, that you don't Photoshop everything. Why do people do that? That's not photography!

Jo said...

I would love to see more of your photographs. You have an artistic eye.