Friday, March 20, 2009

Hanging on forever

A few weeks ago I took my daughter to the park on a particular warm day. As she merrily played with all the other children whose parents had flocked to the same park, I snapped images of the trees surrounding the area. I am always amazed at how the trees survive the harsh conditions that mother nature puts them under, it makes one reflect on how much one survives in their trials that one is put under daily, weekly, monthly....

I saw this little, dried leaf still hanging on after all that it went through last fall, and was intrigued by its tenacity to still hang on even though its life was long gone. Spring is fast approaching, and this little dried leaf would soon be replaced by a fresh green sprig, yet somehow it still clung to the branch that gave it life.

I am looking forward to the warm weather and this photograph reminds me that I should embrace the season and slow down a bit instead of rushing through my life, so enjoy the photograph and have a great evening!

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Cheryl Ann said...

Kym, I just started a walking program and it has really helped me. My clothes are getting loose and I feel so much better! I also cut out ALL sugar, white flour, white bread, and ate healthy, raw food: lots of sprouts and vegetables. I've now started adding some meat back in my diet, but NO red meats! I also drink a lot of herbal teas. Basically, a healthy diet instead one filled with processed foods! YUCK! Good luck! Start walking~~it's GOOD for you! I also have diabetes in BOTH parents' families and if I'm bad and eat any kind of sugar, my blood sugar skyrockets, so I have to be careful, too. LOTS of fresh fruits and veggies! Low carb can do it! Last spring I was fatigued, FAT, bloated, had headaches DAILY, had stomach issues DAILY...I got rid of all the processed foods, went RAW, ate lots of fresh fruits and veggies, stopped eating dairy products. I haven't had a headache now in over a year!