Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sharing my work and Shadow Shot Sunday

I am seriously thinking about taking another Drawing class at the local community college this summer. I had taken a class about a year ago, and I really enjoyed the fact that I learned something, especially the ability to draw. I do not consider my work something worthy of hanging in a museum, but I was surprised that I can do more than stick figures!

Here is an example of a few pieces that I had saved from that class:

The last one was not finished, and you can see in all of them my mistakes, but I was impressed that I was able to even do these pieces. I have this philosophy that we are all capable of learning something new all the time and that we only limit ourselves to the talents that we are comfortable handling. This is why I always push myself to research, read, and learn. I love to pass on the things that I find or learn; I just hope that others do not find this trait to be obnoxious.

In addition to the work above, there is this challenge that I had read on another blog: " Tea and Honey Bread " and it led me to another blog that does a "Shadow Shot Sunday" so I wanted to add some of my work inspired by those blogs especially since I love shadows as well....

This was the late afternoon sun shining through a window in my parent's house, I love the way the window cast the high contrast light upon the wall with an interesting slant and illuminating the light switch.

Have a great evening!


Hey Harriet said...

Your drawings are lovely!

Great shadow shot as well. Thanks so much for joining in Shadow Shot Sunday. I just added your link to the Mr Linky Gadget. You may not have been aware to do that. As you left a comment for me on my very first SSS post, you may not have even seen the Mr Linky box on the current SSS post :)

Have fun at those drawing classes!

Jo said...

These are lovely...!! Wonderful!


distracted by shiny objects said...

Love the shadow shot. Great idea for a blog challenge--thanks for posting the other sites.
On a previous post, love the photo of your daughter in dance class. Great lines, great colors, and the subject is a stunner:>)

Kym said...

Harriet...Thanks for the add to Mr. Linky and the comments! I have many more shadow shots in mind!

Jo...Thank you for your comments, they are always welcome!

Distracted....Thank you for the comments, I love to hear from others about the photo's of my daughter..when I used her talents as a model in my film classes, her images always turned out so eerie and dark...but then again, it may have been me...LOL

Meka said...

Hi Kym,

That's a cool shadow shot. I've participated in a couple of Tea and Honey Bread's (great blog, btw) "Shutter Click and Chat" Sundays. I'd never heard of "Shadow Shot Sunday" before now. I'm curious to go on over and check it out. I get a kick out of shadows, too. There's something calming about looking at the world's spectacular little afterthoughts.