Saturday, March 14, 2009

Starving Artist Session in the Kitchen

The term "starving artist" came to mind this morning when I had to decide what to do for my father's birthday that we are celebrating along with our heritage this afternoon at my parent's house.

I asked the other occupants residing in this house with me if they would like to paint some pictures in honor of their Paw-Paw since we were broke after paying the cell-phone gods to keep us connected to the outside world!

Here is the results of each of our artistic skills:

"Paw-Paw's Rose Garden" by Anya (my daughter)

"Apple of his eye" by Kym (my painting for my dad)

"Explosion" by Courtney (my son's girlfriend)

(My son was still working on his painting as I uploaded these images...)

We used a mixture of arcylics, white gesso, washable paints, pencil and tempra paints to produce these presents for my dad. Please enjoy them and have a wonderful Saturday afternoon. I cannot wait to enjoy the tasty meal of cornbeef and cabbage that my mom so lovingly makes every year in honor of my dad's birthday and St. Patrick's day!

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Anonymous said...

What a talent. Tell your dad Happy Birthday. My birthday is in 2 days.