Sunday, April 19, 2009

Journalistic Style---Candid Photography

I came across this website through another photographer's blog (which by the way, you should check out her website...she has this style that reminds me of Diane Arbus). Anyway, after I read through several areas of the website, my interest in photojournalism surfaced and I remember how much I love going out into the public, especially when there are events going on, and just shooting images of the general public.

Last fall I had found out early on a Sunday morning that a political rally for a presidential candidate was going to be at the ballpark stadium down the road from where I lived. I quickly packed up my gear, my wits and decided that this would be an interesting opportunity to take images of an event that only seems to happen in the city that is an hour from my town.

I was amazed that I got as close to the stage as I did and I captured some images that I never thought I would be allowed to capture. One of the images I sent on-line to our local paper and they published it in the reader's section of the Sunday newspaper a week later!

I worked for a year and a half for a local company as one of the candid/sports photographers (in addition studio/underclass work) for various local school yearbooks. It was not very glamorous, but I had developed a style and a love for this type of photography. One of these days, I will eventually have my degree in photography along with a master's (probably when my daughter graduates from college...LOL!). I am enjoying the challenges and experiences that come along on my new career path working as an artist/photographer for a local non-for profit studio.

Here are some of my "journalistic" styles of photography (click on images to see a larger view):

There is something to capturing the electric emotions of people, and I love be able to capture those emotions!

Have a great Sunday!


Anonymous said...

This is great. I'm a huge fan of capturing the moment without intruding on the event itself.

Jo said...

Your photographs are wonderful...! The whole world should find your blog.

Congratulations on your 50th post, by the way...!

(My little painting did not turn out at all, sadly... Perhaps I will try again.)

Okay, this is way too weird. Do you know what my word verification is for this post!? "Painter" I kid you not. Perhaps that is a sign! :-)

Hey Harriet said...

I didn't realise that this was an area of photography that interested you. You're very versatile in your art! I must confess that this form of photography is one that I've never really taken a great deal of notice of before. Not sure why. I know I totally suck at it! Will be good to see more of your journalistic style of photography.

Kym said...

Yvonne-Thanks for the vote!

Jo--Thank you, and I appreciate your wonderful comments....Keep trying on that sketch of my mini-me....That is weird that the verification was "painter"...take it as a hint...:)

Tracy---I am trying to be as versatile in the photography world as I can, I cannot do just one thing, I want to learn it all...:)!