Monday, April 20, 2009

More Candid Photography---Portrait Photography

Here are some more journalistic style images that I shot last summer at the Fourth of July parade that strolls by on the street by my backyard (it is wonderful that every year, all I have to do is grab the coffee cup, a chair and walk right outside to see the parade). Click on the images to see a larger view:

See her expression!

This woman looks so serene and quite beautiful!

This is if they had never seen a horse!

The actions of everyone in this image tells a story!

In addition, I wanted to show some portrait work I had done of my nephew and my daughter (both are naturally photogenic--not trying to brag--but they take some wonderful images--and easy to work with):

Portrait work is quite amazing, especially when you can get the subject to relax and enjoy the time spent in front of the camera.

I will have more artwork back up soon, just working on some samples at the moment in preparation for the art-show that will be coming up soon!

If you have any critique or comments about any of the images, feel free to comment! Have a great evening!


Stephen Baird said...

great candids. you have a great eye.

Ramadhani said...

wonderfull shot..
Great job..

distracted by shiny objects said...

There's something about 4th of July parades that bring out the crndogs in all of us. In my hometown we have one that includes a male drill team--actual power drills included.
Your picture here of the crowd around the horse is still making me laugh.

distracted by shiny objects said...

hello again, that should be corndogs...:>)

Kym said...

Stephen-thanks for the comments, thanks for visiting, I enjoy seeing your images!

Ramadhani-thanks for stopping by and commenting...

Distracted---I just love capturing "corndogs" no matter where I go! Thanks for the laugh!