Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I am excited! I came across an ad on about an opening this coming weekend, and the art show includes work from a print-making professor that I had a class with about a year ago! Her work is amazing! I had her for a design class as well, she is very knowledgeable, an inspiring artist and a wonderful teacher!

I am not the best at drawing, so printmaking was quite a challenge for me in the drawing part of the class, but I did get an honorable mention for a linoleum reduction print in the 2008 Spring Art Show held at the college (see image below):

Here is the woodcut that I had worked on for several weeks. My hands ached from all that carving I had to do to this piece, but it was not as amazing as some of the other woodcuts that had been done in the class. One talented student had caught the eye of several professors for his piece and I think he sold a few prints and had a t-shirt made as well!

I am going to try and attend her show this coming Friday if I can....I need to work on setting up my schedule for next semester or I may end being forced to take another semester off! In addition, here is another link of some very talented print makers in my area:

Have a great evening!


Pat O'Driscoll said...

Congrats on the honorable mention,I'm sure that felt good.
Keep up the great work, I enjoy reading about the inspiration behind your pieces.

Lauren K said...

I love woodcuts. I've only ever done one for an art class, but I'm endlessly impressed with others' work.

Hey Harriet said...

Hope you were able to attend the Art Show as it sounds fantastic! And congrats on the honorable mention for your piece. It's gorgeous! I have attempted lino printing and it is not easy. I just couldn't grasp the process myself but I love the artform and enjoy looking at the work of talented printmakers.

Kym said...

Pat...thanks so much, it was so lovely to have that piece get honorable mention...I was about to throw the whole project away in did not turn out how I wanted it too for one thing and for another it was supposed to represent "Memento mori" and I choose to use bubbles as a memorial to my little teacher turned the piece around and it had a whole new look, so I entered the piece and got the ribbon..

Lauren...thanks for your comments...I would love to see your woodcut if you still have it!

Tracy---Thanks so much...that was so hard to finish, as you can read above, I almost gave up on the piece and started over, but my teacher changed my mind! I love the process, just need to learn how to draw better...and I am planning on trying to do some more, if I can find the money to buy the supplies!