Monday, October 19, 2009

Old Negatives

My Great-Aunt passed away this July and left my mother's family with quite a history of her life. This woman still drove her own car up her death at the ripe age of 88 (one month shy of 89). Aunt Velva was quite the character and always kept her appearance up, complete with a head bright red styled hair!

The day that we laid her to rest alongside her third husband, the family went to her house and proceeded to go through her life. I was along for the occasion, and came across several boxes of 2.5x4 negatives and decided to see what the scans of these negatives would produce.

Several such images struck a chord in my mind the photos reminded me of Elliott Erwitt's style of photography:

(click on image for larger view)

The photo is a little out of focus on the man in the image, but the image speaks volumes to me....the shadows of the person taking the image, the way the man is kneeling and concentrating on what is in his hand, the automobile, the lake all tells quite a story behind just a simple snapshot!

I have major plans for this image along with the other negatives that I have been entrusted!

Here is another image of a couple that are unknown to me at this time, but I believe this to be my Aunt's first husband!

(click on image for larger view)

This image is just a simple snapshot of a couple, but the style and the background speak so much of how images were handled back in the days of film! I think that my Aunt in some way was quite the photographer herself!

Enjoy these images, but do not copy them, these are a part of our family history!

Have a great evening!

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