Sunday, April 18, 2010

100th Post

I love when I capture the joy on someone's face!

Happy 100th post!

~Peace Baby~


Caio Fernandes said...

100 posts is very cool .
congrats . i wish you more milions now !

Frances said...

Woo hoo! Happy happy 100th post to you! I could kick myself right now! We were in St. Louis --- and as we were driving around -- I saw a sign for O'Fallon -- and I kept thinking you live there. So -- I just got back, hopped on line -- and am now kicking myself!!!!!

We love St. Louis and the surrounding area. It's beautiful!!!!

Maybe I'll get another opportunity to go to St. Louis -- this time I'll call you and we can grab a cup of coffee!!!1

Take care!!!

Anonymous said...


I hope you will come visit my blog

LINDA & OREO ( my Akita )

Jo said...

Happy 100th post!

What a wonderful photograph...!



Kym said...

Thanks to everyone for the good wishes....I am trying to march on to my next 100 posts!