Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring breeze

As I was sitting at my kitchen table this morning working on some ideas for this blog, I noticed the breeze was just blowing like crazy through the window.

I captured this image with my cell phone:

I did adjust the image some in photoshop to enhance the sunlight and the movement of the breeze through the window.

The weather here is so beautiful and hard to believe that after so many years of cold Easter celebrations, this year we are being blessed with beautiful days and warmth!

I hope all will be celebrating tomorrow with family and loved ones and enjoying a day full of sunshine, warmth and happiness!

I am leaving you with a song I came across researching music for one of the artists that I work with at the studio:

Her voice sounds like the breeze coming through the window!

~Peace Baby~

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Rita said...

I so love that time of year when you can have all the windows open and enjoy the fresh air both in movement and smell inside the house.

I have always found the movement of curtains to be one of my favorite signs of spring.

Thanks for the visit.