Saturday, June 5, 2010


Last year I came across a camera in a small shop located in the downtown area of my county. The owners of the shop were a young couple and as I was talking to them about their wares and such, I came across this camera sitting on a mantle in the back area and quickly made a snap decision to purchase this item.

I set this camera aside and really did not look at it until today. I would like to kick myself for doing so, because I discovered after doing some internet research that this camera takes 120 film quite well! Here is a link to a page that I discovered that my new-old TLR Ciro-Flex might be another toy to play with using film! I took the camera outside and played around with the all the bells and whistles to make sure that the camera and I could play together tomorrow!

I took a few images with my camera phone of my awesome purchase:

I discovered that there was this round magnify glass attached to the inside of the top of the camera and how I wish it had the original neck-strap to it, but I have an idea of what I can use to remedy that situation.

I have loaded the camera with Fomapan 120 400 B&W negative film in preparation for a photo shoot tomorrow around the area!

Have a great rest of the weekend and enjoy!


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Frances said...

What a cool purchase. I can't wait to see the images from your new toy!

Have fun!