Tuesday, September 7, 2010

~Ferris Wheels~

Yesterday I took a long drive in my new set of wheels! My new JEEP Liberty!

I packed up my gear, headed out of the area with the windows down....wind blowing the cobwebs out of my mind....with the radio and I belting out music as the jeep headed down that long stretch of a highway!

I ended up in an area where I had lived for a few years with my family between the ages of 7-9. As I drove around the bend of the road, the memories swept me away to a time of laughter. As warm tears slowly fell down my cheeks, I remembered the happiness we all felt living there in that small house at the end of the street. We were at the center of the universe there, my brothers and I....we were free to explore the world as WE saw it, free to run until the street lights came on, free of the worries of the little that my parents had and all that they struggled with....we felt FREE!

I pulled over and cried harder, knowing after all these years that the pain was still as fresh as the day that I was told that he was gone! DAMN! Where did the emotions come from? The street was so quiet, as I had remembered it...the houses still looked the same to me as I last saw them through my 9 year old eyes....I hated leaving that area....there is where a lot of good memories were left, untouched....where I longed to be again, laughing and enjoying life as I did all those years ago!

One day I will go back, take the nerve to knock on that door that I used to slam shut hard, racing out to the yard....to ask to see those areas where I spent many uncharted hours giving into my imagination......

As I drove back home, I passed by an area that had a Ferris wheel and other amusement rides...this is where I stopped and spent time snapping away! The results led me to believe that my grief yesterday was poured into the following images:

(Your not Alone Series © Kym McCrary 2010)

These images were printed out on watercolor paper to give them that soft, edgy feel to the emotions of the images....art is freedom...freedom from grief, freedom from emotions! Embrace it....always!



Frances said...

Oh Kym!

I'm sending you a long distance hug. My heart aches for you. I am thankful that you have such a wonderful outlet to pour your soul in to.

I know your brother is safe with God and that we can rest assured that we will all be together someday.

I know that your brother was -- is -- and will always be proud of you!

Sending hugs and kisses your way!

Amelia said...

Hi Kym, thanks for sharing here and thanks for visiting my space! Interesting story and great images. I like the idea of printing on to watercolour paper.

I really hope you get to do the 'mission one' I'm currently exhibiting and have on my blog, I am really looking forward to what people come up with :)

I will be back - what an interesting space you have.