Thursday, January 27, 2011

Picture Perfect?

A thought for today is one that has been nagging at my soul for the last month or maybe even longer, but it surfaced again recently and now I am putting it out in cyberspace for someone to ponder and possibly help me end this tiring search for an answer.

Here goes: I have worked with several types of individuals for the past few years who feel that photography is about perfection and when you produce an image it should turn out perfectly as is or the shot is ruined. Why not fix or tweak that image to produce the shot that you wanted in the darkroom or digital darkroom? Do not just give up and say that the tools available out there are not for your use or that dodging or burning or layering or even using filters is wrong.

The same goes for painting and using various materials to adhere the paint to the surface, if it runs or too much paint is applied, then blot it off to make it look pristine. Why not keep those bubbles or specks that add that little bit of imperfection and enhance the art?

My mistakes make my art, my imperfections has had others comment that they are intrigued and want to know more of what I had done. I like to photograph, but there is tweaking involved and sometimes things do not turn out perfectly, an energy is produced and my soul is captured within my work for all eternity. I see the beauty of the little imperfections within life itself and love when I am privileged to capture that beauty that is so rare, especially in this society of perfection.


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